DETOX foot + bath salts

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Aching feet or tired body? Try our magnesium-rich foot + bath soak crafted with the finest magnesium salt flakes, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt + essential oil blend. When used in a warm (about body temperature) bath or soak, all of these ingredients work together to deliver magnesium and trace minerals to your bloodstream that ease minor aches + pains and restore your body’s pH levels. Additionally, DETOX naturally draws out toxins from your body.

  • Eases aches + pains while balancing body’s pH levels
  • Use 3T for a foot soak, or about half jar for a salt bath
  • Artisan vegan product, cruelty free + paraben free

These 100% natural ingredients quickly enter the bloodstream to promote balanced pH levels + ease your aches:

Magnesium salt flakes (magnesium chloride) + Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) are both highly concentrated with magnesium that plays an active role in over 300 enzymes in your body to “[stimulate] nerve and muscle function, [limit] inflammation, and [improve] oxygenation + blood flow through the body” [1]. Basically magnesium is a big deal for us to function at our optimum and the best way to get more magnesium is to relax in a salt bath.

Himalayan pink salt is chock full of trace minerals that naturally help balance your body’s pH levels, which encourage good digestive health and promotes free radicals to exit your body.

Peppermint essential oil is our go-to essential oil for relaxing because it smells great and is known to release tight muscles because it promotes increased blood circulation.

Tea tree oil is great for sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic + anti-fungal. Bonus: tea tree oil can also help treat eczema, psoriasis + other skin conditions.


*OR guarantees the use of quality ingredients; however, product consistency may vary slightly by batch.