About OR: the alternative

Our mission

OR’s mission is to remind people everyday that better, all-natural alternatives exist. We endeavor to create your new favorite body care products by perfecting all-natural recipes that are developed by OR + approved by our customers.

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The heart of 'OR'

We strive to...


Listen to our customers' constructive feedback. Some of our great products resulted because customers asked!

natural ingredients, vegan, plant-based


Use plant-based raw ingredients, making most of our products vegan.

recycle, recyclable, green packaging


Reduce our dependency on petroleum-based products like plastics and mineral oil, so virtually all of our packaging is recyclable.

 Behind the name

Customers often ask, “What does ‘O.R.’ stand for? What does it mean?” Simply put, “OR” is not an acronym, but the conjunction used to show alternatives. In terms of our business, OR is the alternative to harsh man-made chemicals that we encounter in so many body care products.

OR: the alternative